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Wedding Photographer based in Portland, Oregon.

I believe your love story deserves to be told.

Timeless, authentic, candid, & adventurous wedding photographer. I believe your day should represent you and your partner – whatever that means. Climb up a mountain together at sunrise to say your vows? Do it. Celebrate in Portland with all your friends and family? I’ll be there. Spoiler alert: there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day so why not create something that’s YOU? I’m here with you the whole way baby. Lets do this thing!

Based in Portland, Oregon but will hop in a plane, train, or car any day.

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two girls piggyback riding
portland wedding at church
bride and groom on wedding day underneath a big tree
couple in water in front of waterfall
couple on eastbank esplanade with view of the city
portland wedding photographer
government cove elopement
same sex couple at a frame cabin in mt hood
couple running down sand dune
couple in leather jackets on top of parking garage in Portland, Oregon
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My name is Kelsey and I am wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon (but eager to travel!). I’ve known real, authentic, beautiful love for over a decade and I believe in yours too. I have two pups, a golden boy named Aspen and a corgi named Ava, who hold a BIG piece of my heart.  The biggest piece is held by my hunny who I’ve been loving since the age of 15.  Whether its with your bae, your kiddos, your furbabies, or YOU, I want to be a part of it all.

couple laying on the floor with flower petals falling on them

a peak at the behind the scenes of a photoshoot with me!