Most of my couples are drawn towards the more wild locations like mountain tops, waterfalls, and the beach but every once in awhile I get to shoot in the city and its a great change of pace. This couples session was in downtown Portland, Oregon, right in the heart of the city. This is proof that urban engagement sessions can be beautiful too! I will preface all this by saying this was pre-covid over a year ago (I’m a little late on my blogging).

Portland is a special city with a lot of iconic locations. We hit a few during our exploring including Voodoo Doughnuts, where you can buy the famous penis shaped doughnuts. We then grabbed coffee from Stumptown Coffee, headed to the waterfront, and found an epic view of the cityscape. We were promptly kicked off the parking garage – oops! All these spots were within walking distance in NW Portland so it made it really fun! I’ve really been reminiscing and missing the days of bopping around the city pre-pandemic! Hopefully those days will be back very soon.

Kate and Tyler are some of our best friends here in the Pacific Northwest. We met them through Bumble BFF funny enough when we were new to Vancouver, WA! Making friends as adults is hard sometimes and we are so grateful we found these two! They are two very kind, down to earth, and genuine humans that we have loved getting to know. Kate and Tyler claim to not be good in front of the camera but scroll down and you’ll beg to differ!

I hope this blog post changed some of your minds and showed you that urban downtown engagement or couples photoshoots can be super fun and just as beautiful, in a different way! If you ever have any questions about finding a location that feels right for you never hesitate to reach out.