What even is an elopement?

First of all, HI! So excited that you want to learn more about elopements and may consider it as an alternative for you and your partner. The basic loose "definition" I would give is ditching the traditional sense of what it means to get married and have a wedding. It is the choice to intentionally get married in whichever way you choose, whether its just the two of you hiking up a mountain for sunrise or gathering with 15 of your closest people downtown. It can vary from a multiple day adventure to a few hours of celebration. There's endless opportunity and it ultimately comes back to the intention of wanting a day that is representative of you in which you can be fully present.


There's a lot of reasons people elope yet the #1 reason is to be able to have a carefully chosen day that is all about you. Its low pressure and is truly focused on spending the day how you want to. It can start with a morning brunch, which leads to a midday hike, and ending the day at the beach watching the sun set. Think about what you love to do together... now why not get married doing just that?


Some people may say that choosing to elope is selfish, and they may not be wrong. If there's any day to be selfish and completely authentic to yourselves it absolutely should be your wedding day. Honor your wishes, not those of anyone else. It should also be noted that you can elope AND have your closest family and friends present for some (or all) of your day. There's no rules here!


I have a deep and true love for the outdoors. The variety of landscapes in the Pacific Northwest are endless and I absolutely love getting to capture love stories + the backdrop of nature all in one. I am so here for couples choose authenticity over societal standards and eloping instead. Let's find an EPIC backdrop for you to say I do. I'm here to help you feel confident in your decision and have the best day ever!

Are You Ready to Adventure?

Close your eyes. Imagine your perfect wedding day. What does it look like? Where are you? Who is by your side? Now let’s make it a reality!


There's good reason that elopements are more popular than ever before. Our world has been completely flipped upside down by the pandemic. If you are feeling stressed over the idea of planning a big wedding right now know this is not just a plan B, its an incredible alternative.



What if I'm not "outdoorsy"?

Elopements are for EVERYONE. There's a misconception that in order to elope or have an adventure elopement you have to be super in shape and ready to hike 10 miles. FALSE. There are endless options for drive up locations that are just as stunning. Urban elopements are very much welcome here too!

How do I choose a location in the PNW?

Great question. As a wedding and elopement photographer in the Pacific Northwest I've had the pleasure of exploring so many beautiful places. The craziest part is I haven't even scratched the surface of all there is to see. Depending on various factors such as how much activity you want to do, distance from home, landscapes, etc I'm certain we will find something that feels perfect for you!

Do you travel?

YES! I have a long bucket list of locations I'd die to shoot an elopement at! Let's chat!

What is your pricing?

Just as every elopement is unique, I believe the pricing for every elopement should be unique. Fill out my contact form and I can send you a quote!

"She managed to capture my husband and I, and our love, in ways that exceeded our expectations. I am so happy to have these photos to look back on 20, 30, 50 years from now. Thank you, Kelsey. You really helped turn our disappointment into long lasting, fond memories."


"Kelsey is amazing at her job! She makes you comfortable, laugh and definitely makes you look so effortlessly beautiful with her photos. Can’t recommend her enough!"


Right away from her emails we could tell how caring, professional, flexible, and amazing she was! I could tell she genuinely wanted to help us with our day, and we will never forget that. Besides all of that, we are so in LOVE with her photography and what she captured! The photos are absolutely stunning. We cannot stop looking through them! We received 10 photos the very next morning with a heartfelt message and LOVED that she did that for us so we could get a glimpse of what she captured to share with others.


I love this woman. She captured our day beautifully. She was a pleasure to work with and such a sweet soul. I can't wait to book her again for future photo opportunities. Absolutely would recommend her with my whole heart.