about the girl behind the camera

I’m Kelsey! I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in Portland, Oregon here to tell you a little bit about me (this is truly about YOU but lets make sure you like the gal who is going to be your third wheel). I technically live in Vancouver, WA aka "the couv". On a daily basis I wonder how I got so lucky to live in such a lush landscape that offers a stunning backdrop for photoshoots.  As much as I adore Portland and the PNW I also love to travel and will travel wherever the wind blows to capture your dearest moments.

I specialize in elopements, weddings (adventure included since hiking mountains are my jam), and couples. This is where I have found the most passion and joy throughout my photography journey!

Keep reading down below to find out some fun facts about yours truly and let me know what we have in common!

When choosing your photographer its important that you feel a connection. So here’s a few fun facts about muah:

• My world revolves around my dogs. The reason I got started in photography was because I started an Instagram for them which has now grown to over 50k followers!

• In my spare time you will find me outside… hiking, paddle boarding, trekking through the snow, and just exploring this place I call home.

• I will almost definitely cry at any wedding. A good toast, loving first dance, and heartfelt vows get me.

• Being healthy is something I strive to do: diet, exercise, mental health BUT my guilty pleasures are mac n cheese, pretty much any dessert, and sour cream and onion chips.

• I love the city but wide open spaces feed my soul.

• My husband and I have been together for over a decade. We fell in love as sophomores in high school and haven’t looked back since.